A new thing I’d like to try are a few step by step tutorials to share how I do some of the new techniques that are becoming popular….. or maybe even oldies but goodies.  If you have any questions please email me at tcakesclovis@yahoo.com.  I’m here to help!

The first tutorial is how to make the rainbow buttercream bottom tier of my latest unicorn cake.

Step one:  Frost cake with a solid color to keep the crumbs at bay.  Use whatever type of buttercream you’d like, and mix each color in a separate bowl and put each color in a piping bag.


Pipe each color separately and be  liberal!  You will be scraping away a lot of it.



This technique is also beautiful and it IS worth the hard work and time one has to put into it tonget the finished product.

First step is to draw the size of ruffle circle on your fondant cake with an edible marker.  You can also indent slightly with a large round cookie cutter etc.


Second step is to cut 1/2” thin pieces of fondant and with a rounded tool roll the tool to make a ruffle effect.   Do one or two piece at a time because the fondant will dry out pretty fast.

00517791-A258-41AF-897A-8633FC2E17E427570364-A6C3-4379-9333-F05A87BEE04681F271CA-B95D-4741-9C61-702147D44D958730EF75-D639-4186-BE5C-93DA68D2D850Using edible glue (tylose and water mixed) brush the glue and apply each piece of ruffled fondant in a circle until the rosette is formed.